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An incredible gift from a time management genius

Mark Forster, the British time management expert, author of Do It Tomorrow and creator of some incredibly smart productivity systems, has just released his new creation.

He’s calling it the ‘final version’, because it’s the last time management system he intends to create. It’s uses a very smart combination of psychological effects to balance the tasks you need to do with those that you want to do. This creates a ‘structured procrastination’ effect which powers you through your to do list.

I don’t like to advise that students experiment with productivity systems whilst revising as these can be distracting and take the focus off studying. However, in this case, Mark’s system is so simple and his methods are so effective that there’s no reason not to try it out.

I know that, despite how simple it appears, this is the result of an enormous amount of hard work and experimentation. It’s amazingly generous of Mark that the instructions are available for free from his website (although he does accept donations).

You can find it here: http://www.markforster.net/

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