Cranial Nerves mnemonic device

This is an example of a mnemonic device that can be used to help remember the twelve cranial nerves. Because there are a number of entries beginning with the same letter (Olfactory, Optic and Oculomotor, as well as Trochlear and Trigeminal), where possible I’ve used words that match the first couple of letters. This should make recall significantly easier.

You can find out how to write your own mnemonic devices here.

I. Olfactory Old
II. Optic Opium
III. Oculomotor Occasionally
IV. Trochlear Troubles
V. Trigeminal Tribal
VI. Abducens Aborigines
VII. Facial Facing
VIII. Auditory Australian
IX. Glossopharyngeal Gloominess
X. Vagus Vacations
XI. Spinal Accessory Should
XII. Hypoglossal Help


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