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Happy new year – now do what you’re told!

It’s often too easy to let ourselves off the hook and make excuses not to study. As starting is often the hardest part of a task, being made to sit down and begin can be the push we need to succeed.

Humans are strongly motivated by status and a sense of belonging and by using this need to please others we can keep our revision on track. If we have to report to someone that we admire, our eagerness not to disappoint them will help us to stay focused.

We’re also motived by autonomy – our freedom to choose. It’s important that we have a choice in who we’re accountable to, otherwise it’s easy to feel resentful, which undermines the whole idea.

A study plan comes in handy here too – being able to specify exactly what you’re going to study means that it’s easy to communicate your commitments.

Be accountable

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