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Is music okay during revision?

I love music. I sing and dance like the part of my brain that controls rhythm and melody was removed with a rusty spoon, but I still love music.

There were some newspaper articles written in the 1990s about ‘the Mozart effect’ which seemed to suggest that listening to Mozart whilst working boosted your brain power. Unfortunately, later research seems to show that this is untrue.

Just because listening to music won’t turn you into a genius, doesn’t mean that you should work in silence. I’m of the opinion that anything that makes studying more appealing and less of a chore is a great idea – so long as it isn’t distracting. If you can’t listen to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen without singing all the weird operatic bits and thrashing your head about to the guitar solo, then you probably want to leave it off your revision play-list.

Not everybody can listen to music and maintain focus on what they’re studying, but most people find that low tempo tunes, that aren’t lyrically involving, are just fine.

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