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Resistance is not useless

Learning is about pushing the boundaries of what we know and stepping outside of our comfort zones, which causes resistance. If take the time to notice what you are resisting you can pinpoint your weakest areas and devote more time to them.

Studying topics that we already know inside-out makes us feel as though we’re clever and in control which, like strippers and chocolate mousse, is a seductive combination which can only end in humiliation.

There are two essential steps here: pinpoint the topics that you are resisting and find ways to lower that resistance. Simply identifying your weakest topics isn’t going to help if you continue to hide from them. You need to resolve to make studying these topics easier before you start otherwise you may even resist doing this exercise!

There are already a few ways to lower resistance mentioned in this blog, but the key one is to break the topic down into less intimidating chunks that can be conquered one at a time. Once you realise that you can master each of these problem subjects with a little focused effort, it becomes less of a hopeless struggle and more of an inviting challenge.

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